Lodge Officer Training Course

Lodge Officer Training Course The Grand Lodge of Florida encourages all members of the Craft to further their knowledge of Lodge operation, especially those concerning the Elected and Appointed Officers of each particular Lodge. The Lodge Officers Training program was designed to educate and test your knowledge of Lodge procedures, business, penal code, and other …

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Master Mason Exams

Master Mason Exams The Grand Lodge of Florida provides Master Mason Examinations to be open book type exams, designed to give any Master Mason the opportunity to increase his knowledge of some of the Ancient Tenets, Rules and Regulations of Masonry. They contain a mixture of multiple choice, True or False, or essay questions which …

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VR Presentation

VR Presentation Five Bugles Institute is conducting research to identify the value and applicability of Virtual Reality (VR) training in today’s fire service environment.  We recognize various types of cancer as a primary threat to the health and safety of fire service personnel as well as the decreased existing opportunities for firefighting activities in the …

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4807 Courage to be Safe

4807 Courage to be Safe As part of The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s Life Safety Initiatives Program Firefighters must have the courage to face a multitude of risks in order to save lives and protect their communities. But a different type of courage is required to stay safe in potentially dangerous situations, avoiding needless risks …

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Worker’s Compensation Rights and Benefits Training

This training will provide an overview and understanding of Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Laws (Chapter 440 Florida Statutes, and others) and their specific application to Florida’s first responders. Topics covered include General Compensation, Cancer, Mental Health/PTSD, and Cardiac (Heart and Lung Bill) provisions of the Florida Statutes. In addition to the informational session, the presenters will …

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