Creating Life Safety Solutions for the Cancer-Free Human Condition


Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) has been the industry standard for combating liquid fuel fires and hazards for almost 50 years. It contains a fluorinated, film forming surfactant (per- and poly- fluoroalkyl substances
(PFAS)) which has been associated with significant health and environmental hazard risks. As a result, the ability to use AFFF to extinguish Class B fires continues to be greatly restricted and has been banned in numerous states across the country and countries around the world. This program will assist fire service personnel and organizations in the adoption and successful
implementation of a roadmap for replacing AFFF and remediation of PFAS contamination. Our discussion will review the findings and history surrounding PFAS; we will illustrate current federal and state actions regarding
firefighting foams and groundwater/soil contamination; and we will introduce available and developing technologies for the remediation and replacement of current firefighting foams with non-PFAS alternatives. We will also introduce available evaluation and certification resources to assist in formulating remediation tactics and strategies at the local level.


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