2021 Florida BFP Contractor Continuing Education (Virtual)


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2021 NFPA/FFPC 7th Edition Updates and High-Pressure Cylinder Principles (16 hours)

This interactive discussion class in our virtual classroom will focus on two subject areas related to portable fire extinguishers and pre-engineered suppression systems.

• NFPA Standards/FFPC Updates – Effective December 30th, 2020, updated NFPA standards concerning portable fire extinguishers and pre-engineered suppression systems were adopted into the Florida Administrative Code. The 7th Edition of the Florida Fire Prevention Code (FFPC) was also adopted providing new guidance and enforcement requirements for Florida Fire Inspectors. This portion of class will provide a review of the affected NFPA standards and the changes to the FFPC.
• High Pressure Cylinders – While most commonly utilized in portable extinguisher applications, pre-engineered suppression systems with high pressure cylinders are prevalent in multiple industries. Carbon Dioxide and other clean agent gases are commonly utilized in multiple applications such as marine fire protection, electronics operations, and printing operations. This portion of class will provide instruction on principles and practices related to servicing and maintaining high pressure cylinders. Topics include discussion on the application of compressed gas laws, methods for filling empty cylinders, and safety considerations for the technician performing the work.

Students will also review concepts and best practices to ensure safe operations, compliance with State and Federal Workman’s Compensation requirements, and ethical business practices when servicing extinguishers and pre-engineered systems.