708 Fire Extinguisher Technician Certification – November 13 – 17, 2023


Course curriculum is designed with two main objectives. The first objective is to prepare a student to obtain a license or permit for servicing, recharging, repairing, testing, inspecting and/or properly installing fire extinguishers. Secondly, students will also learn the responsibilities for oversight of fire equipment dealers and technicians, as enforced by Fire Safety Inspectors and Fire Marshals (statute 633.061).

NOTE TO EMPLOYERS: If you are signing an employee up for class, please make sure the student creates an account in the Five Bugles Institute system.  The individual student must have a profile with their own username (first initial/last name format recommended) and email address or they will not receive credit for the course work.  DO NOT USE YOUR PROFILE USERNAME OR EMAIL. Once the profile is created, please make sure the “First Name” and “Last Name” fields are completed, then set the “display name” dropdown to their first and last name.

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