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4 Online Firefighter Certification Course Questions

4 Questions Your Online Firefighter Training Provider Must Answer

There is no secret to becoming a professional firefighter. You must undergo training to acquire the right knowledge and skills to control a fire outbreak. Training is your primary ingredient to prevent or minimize tragedies that can occur when firefighting. 

Bear in mind that firefighters place themselves or other personnel in harm’s way in a bid to save lives and property. So, firefighting skills are your ultimate tools to survive and bring the fire situation under control. 

With that being said, you can take online firefighting courses to gain the relevant knowledge needed in case of a fire emergency. So, which questions should your online firefighter training provider answer? Read on to find out.

1. Do You Provide Certificates of Completion?

Your online firefighter training provider should give you a way to prove that you’ve completed the firefighting course. Certificates of completion will undoubtedly show that your trainer meets all mandatory training requirements. 

That is why most firefighters and other officers keep binders of their fire-fighting training certificates for further reference. Additionally, many departments hire administrators to oversee training documentation for their personnel. You should expect your online firefighter training provider to have records or certificates of completion in PDF form or electronic records. 

2. Is your Firefighting Training Approved for State Credit?

Each state has its own unique requirements when it comes to state-approved training. The same case applies to different learning management systems (LMS) to approve providers across many states.

Some providers have state oversight reviewed, approved, or accredited, while others don’t. In other cases, states don’t entirely approve training courses, regardless of whether they are online or offline. 

These states set standards and criteria through which training should be done. They also empower respective fire marshals and fire chiefs to independently approve fire fighting training. Your online training officer must be aware of the state’s requirements for the right learning management system and provide training that meets the requirements.

3. Are You Working With Anyone Within Our State?

Your online firefighter training provider should clearly state if he/she is working with anyone in your current state. In this regard, the trainer should have someone from other departments testify about the current learning management system solution. 

The trainer may also ask those reference questions regarding the implementation process of the system, the type of support to expect during the training, opinions about the training content and its accessibility, and if there are any hidden charges besides the agreed-upon fee.

 Answers to these questions will provide insight into the online firefighter training program to have you fully prepared in advance. 

4. How Much Does the Online Firefighter Training Course Cost?

You should be in a better position to know the fee structure of the entire online firefighter training before you get started. Also, you should find out if there are hidden charges that come after you have started your online training. 

This is because pricing structures vary considerably from one learning management system to another. Plus, some training providers have multiple options for firefighter trainees to choose from. 

Others could be having a one-time fee structure for unlimited users, while a few could be offering a per-individual trainee fee/year subscription option. On the other hand, some offers could have a tiered-pricing structure that covers different levels of training and support. 

All these different fee structures can significantly impact your overall training cost. Make sure that your online firefighter training provider is transparent about the total cost of your training from start to finish.

Final Thought

If firefighting is your call, then the answers to the questions above will guide you in finding the best online firefighting training for you and your situation. You will also ensure you’re getting the most applicable and updated training from highly qualified instructors. For more information on online firefighter training, contact Five Bugles Institute.