GA Fire Extinguisher Technician Exam Prep

GA Fire Extinguisher Technician Exam Prep This online exam review will help students prepare for the GA Fire Extinguisher Technician certification exam. This course consists of multiple quizzes which encompass the Level 1 Job Performance Requirements (JPRs) of NFPA 10 Standard for Fire and Emergency Services Instructor Professional Qualifications. 

Food Truck Training Online

Annual Food Truck Fire Safety Compliance This 4-hour class will provide all aspects of the mandatory annual training required by the 7th Edition of the Florida Fire Prevention Code for personnel involved with mobile cooking operations (food trucks). Chapter 50 of the NFPA 1 section of the FFPC states:* Prior to performing mobile or temporary …

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1302 Apparatus Operations

1302 Apparatus Operations This course covers the laws, rules and driving techniques for emergency vehicles as well as a review of hydraulics. Fireground evolutions and driving make up the practical part of the course. The evolution portion of the course includes the use of pre-connected lines, tandem pumping, drafting relays and master streams. The student …

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1301 Fire Service Hydraulics

1301 Fire Service Hydraulics This course covers the relationship between flow, pressure, and mathematical hydraulic formulas. The course includes pump theory, pump rating, and pressure and vacuum gauges.

Lehavot Factory Certification Class

Lehavot Factory Certification Class This class will provide the initial factory certification for registered Lehavot distributors and their technicians.  During this 8-hour class students will have instruction on all sections of the manufacturer’s service and installation manual and an orientation to the parts and components of the WCK Kitchen Suppression System.   During the hands-on training component, students …

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2111 Fire Chemistry

2111 Fire Chemistry This course is designed to show the fire officer and arson investigator the different forms of matter and energy, common substances, and how they relate to fires. the chemical formulas of flammable and combustible substances, their bonding and separations, as well as the different chemical reactions related to fire and oxidation, are covered. …

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40 Hour Pre-Engineered Suppression Systems Class

40 Hour Pre-Engineered Suppression Systems Class This 40-hour blended format class satisfies the training requirements under Florida Statute 633.304 to qualify for the Florida Pre-engineered Suppression Systems certification examination for permittees and licensees.  Through written and practical instruction, students will learn about the applicable State of Florida statutes, administrative codes, and NFPA standards related to the ability to …

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2720 Company Officer

2720 Company Officer Course Description: This course is designed to provide the student with an understanding of being a company officer through various areas of knowledge as well as solving the varied problems and situations they will be required to manage effectively in today’s ever-changing fire service. The curriculum includes a review of fire department …

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Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety Student will review concepts and best practices to ensure safe operations when servicing portable fire extinguishers and pre-engineered systems.

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s Compensation Students will review concepts and best practices to ensure compliance with State and Federal Worker’s Compensation laws.